Some people might say this is not something I should put as my first real post on my blog, 
but it is something that the Lord has been putting on my heart. 


You might be hurting from a broken heart, maybe from a fight with your best friend, or maybe you feel lonely and are really missing someone. Or you could possibly people hurting from something that I wouldn't know about. 
But I just wanted to let you know these few things about hurting. 

its alright to hurt, don't let anyone tell you it isn't. 
its okay to cry into your pillow 
or maybe just sit in the corner of your bed staring into space 
if you are heartbroken maybe you just need to listen to some Taylor Swift 
or if you are like me, you just need to listen to country music in general,
but if you like mainstream music better, listen to that instead. 
whatever music you like the most. 
it is alright to distance yourself from what is hurting you, 
it will help you heal. I promise. 
but it is okay also to scroll through the facebook pictures
just don't scroll too long. 
it makes the pain worse. trust me, I've been there. 
if you are missing someone you, 
because maybe they moved to a different town or maybe they just moved out of your life 
write them a thank you note, you don't have to give it to them 
tell them thank you for having a special friendship with you when you needed it 
or thank you for being there when others weren't
or just simply a thank you for being a friend.
one last thing for when you are hurting, 
its okay to take as much time as you need to hurt
people tell you, "hurt but don't hurt for too long" 
don't listen to them 
take as long as you need. 
it might take a week or a year
but I promise the hurting will subside 
and life will be normal again. 
I promise. 


//new beginnings//

Hello and welcome to Everlasting Elegance! I'm Madison, but you can call me Maddie. I'm so excited to be starting this blog as a new beginning. I will be sharing my heart, fashion (I promise my style isn't full of college shirts and jeans!), photography, and other things too! I cannot wait to start and I hope you follow along with me! :)